Yasmine Asadi is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Phoenix, Arizona. Born a refugee in Kuwait to Palestinian parents, she escaped the Gulf War with her family at a young age. Her earliest encounters with art and design began by observing her mother, a graphic designer, use traditional illustrative methods to design restaurant menus, video game cover manuals, and logos. From there, Yasmine found solace in drawing and painting, and other creative mediums to help process the trauma of displacement and assimilation. By middle school, she entertained herself by comically editing family photos and teen magazine scans using the earliest versions of Adobe Photoshop and mastered the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. 
In 2014, Asadi received her bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Since then, she has worked for multiple advertising and digital marketing agencies as a senior designer, a recipient of two Gold ADDY Awards for her animations for Saint Mary's Food Bank documentary and fast-food chain Taco Time. Recently Yasmine worked as a production designer and illustrator for local publications PHOENIX and Phoenix Home & Garden magazine. As a multifaceted visual creator, Yasmine holds brand strategy and experience with just as much impact as the visual narrative for any campaign to be successful. 
Yasmine's professional design experience includes brand and content strategy, publication design, advertisement campaigns, illustration, and animation. When she is not creating effective and attractive designs worthy of the masses, you will find her hanging out with her family, taking necessary naps with her dog, Luna, or playing video games. Other vices include cooking Arabic and Mexican dishes, digital painting, printmaking, practicing hand lettering, and being shamelessly enthusiastic about social responsibility.

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